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Body Painting

Body Art

Bodypainting is probably the world's oldest artform yet is still right on the pulse today.  Wether you'd like to book a private studio session, promote a brand / product or have memorable models to meet & greet your guests, Body Canvas are among the best in the business.  While we can reproduce anything you see here, we are more than happy to create bespoke, creative & unique designs specific to your need/ event.  Click here to see a list of our International Awards.
Our sister site covers bodypainting and art more fully.  

Bodypainted models, dancers, meet & greet staff and bar staff instantly set the theme, are fun and interactive.  Unexpected and beautifully painted, these living works of art will help make your event even more memorable.  

Private studio days
Come and have a day of becoming a beautiful work of art followed by a professional photoshoot.  Reasons for being bodypainted can be very personal or just simply for the joy of expressing yourself. Either way it is a great way of boosting creativity & self esteem and feeling more connected with your own body.  Previous clients have chosen to be painted to celebrate a change in body shape (pregnancy, weight-loss or gain) a relationship (alternative family portraits, wedding, engagement etc) or having overcome personal battles.  We will usually have an initial meeting beforehand for a design consultation to discuss themes & ideas (though this can be done via email or Facebook if necessary).  Designs can be as small or as large as you'd like with whatever amount of nudity as you are comfortable with.  

Promotional Bodyart

Similar to Graphic Design, Bodyart can be used to promote any idea, brand or product.  We can create bespoke designs based on your colours, brand or ethos for live events or photoshoots.  Bodypaint models either painted live on the stand or previously painted behind the scenes are a particularly effective way to promote your company at trade shows or large events.  
*  boosts footfall and brand-recognition
*  adds instant visual impact
*  makes your company stand out in peoples memory of the event
*  even people who don't make it to your stand will have heard everyone talking about your company.  

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